Price changes

In our industry, instability of the supply chain has led to dramatic swings in supply and demand, causing issues like price increases, backordered or even discontinued items. An example of how this has impacted us directly, our wax and vessel pricing has has increased significantly from last year as well as shipping rates. We have held our pricing at the same level since our launch in 2017 and because of inflation & rising operating costs we are now adjusting our pricing. We think it’s important to be transparent with our customers around why we made this decision.

We are deeply committed to continuing to give you high quality ingredients, clean fragrances, the best possible customer service and our proprietary Candle Refill Service. We are doubling down on our commitment to this value proposition to ensure the longevity of our brand, products, and employees. Our deep gratitude to our customers for supporting our candle collections or simply refilling your own vessels time and time again. Thank you all for continued support.