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Wholesale Information

You can contact hello@shopnearandnative.com for wholesale inquiries or shop us on Faire.com:

  • Visit our Faire link to browse our products and place your order
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to package my containers if I’m shipping them to you for a refill?

We recommend packing them tightly, double wrapping each container in bubble wrap, and using filler bubble wrap or air pillows (found in most amazon boxes) to protect them from being crushed. We also suggest using USPS priority mail flat rate boxes because they don't charge per pound (and candles can be heavy!)

I can’t tell how many ounces my container is for the refill. How can I measure?

If your container doesn't have a label to state how many ounces it is, simply fill with water and pour into a measuring cup to determine ounces.

If your container is a candle, you can also try visiting the makers website and look in the product description.

Can I get a refill on a double wick candle?

Yes, however please note that we will use cotton wicks for the double wick candles (rather than wooden wicks for single-wicked candles).

Where can I find your candles in stores?

We have stockists all around the Portland, Maine area as well as in the Pacific Northwest! Click link here to find us in stores.

How does the drop-off work at the retail stores?

If you are local to Portland, Maine, you can take any candle refill containers to Darby Jones, Fitz & Bennett, or Elise Marie DeSigns and we will come pick them up and refill them and drop them off, without shipping costs! We've also added Maine Street Design Co. in Bath as a drop off location. 

To process your candle refill at any of these locations, enter the promo code "Portland Drop Off" at checkout and we will waive all shipping costs, while also allowing us to align your scent requests with your refills. Please make sure you add a note at checkout with the store you intend to drop your empties at so we can coordinate a pickup.

I ordered the refillable candles, where do I ship them?

You should receive an email once you've ordered your candle refill with detailed instructions on where to send them and recommendations for the best shipping. If you didn't select the "Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers" option at checkout, you may not have received this email automatically. No problem! We try to monitor these when they fall through, but if you need us to send the instructions again, you can contact us at hello@shopnearandnative.com and we'll get the info over to you.

    Can’t find your question? Contact hello@shopnearandnative.com and we will respond within 24 hours.