About us

Near & Native was born out of a need to find a lightly scented, clean burning, simple and sustainable candle. The candle market is flooded with harmful ingredients, overpowering fragrances and cheap materials. We decided to source and create the best possible candle, inspired by the woods, water and mountains of our new home in Maine. 

In 2017, after leaving a 11 year career developing products for national retailers like Gap & Urban Outfitters, we leveraged our design background to create a small product line of 8 scents, which quickly grew to over 21 fragrances - all centered around scents found in nature. We use the best creamy coconut soy wax, a crackling wooden wick, and top shelf fragrance oil, only previously available to high end brands.
Near & Native is striving to close the loop on the lifecycle of the candle and extend the life of beautiful vessels. We offer a proprietary candle refill service to refill ANY empty candle, pottery, or unique container for much less than buying a new candle. In 2020, we refilled over 2000 vessels (!!), which reduced unnecessary waste but also continued the life of those beautiful candle jars you can't bear to part with. 
We are currently in more than 50 stores around the country, including L.L. Bean.
Hannah // Founder, Near & Native